Introducing MakeCents

MakeCents Network is scalable, distributed blockchain solution, aimed at disrupting the $420 trillion global payments without sacrificing stability. MakeCents Network aims at connecting businesses, financial institutions, and individuals, on a decentralized platform to send payments quickly, securely, and with transparency, all at a fraction of the cost of the existing payment systems.

Problems With Current Payment Systems

  • Up to 3 days for settlement to process card transactions
  • Up to 7 middle layers to process transactions and move actual money from accounts
  • In 2016, merchants paid $88.39 billion processing fees
  • Customers paid $33.3 billion in late/overdraft fees in the same year
  • Global credit card fraud losses topped $27.69 billion in 2016
  • 16.7 million U.S. victims of identity fraud in 2017
Financial Inclusion
  • 1.7 billion people are unbanked globally
  • In the U.S., 7% of households are unbanked and 19.9% are underbanked in 2015


Individuals (Consumers)

payments made digital and effortless

  • Convenient mobile payment with expedited checkout experience
  • Secure purchases in stores, apps, and online
  • Shop smart with customized experiences, seamless savings, and rewards
  • Untethered financial access - no late fees, account maintenance fees, etc.

Businesses (Merchants)

preferred payment processing and analytics

  • Disintermediation of “middlemen” who plague the current payment system allowing for fast, secure, and cost-effective payment processing with reduced fees
  • Improved checkout speed, reduced cash management and handling, and decreased cash theft/fraud or loss.
  • Revenue growth via the Smart Shopping Platforms and its analytical capacity

Financial Institutions

enterprise-grade distributed ledger and smart contract platform

  • No more clutter and complications of multiple ledgers, thereby lowering the cost of transactions
  • Enterprise-grade smart contracts for fast settlement between banks and businesses with a much higher level of security
  • Better customer experience overall, providing access to mobile money for its individual customer

Technical Overview

The MakeCents Network is a scalable and distributed blockchain platform, designed for high volume payment transactions that can be facilitated with little to no intermediary. The necessary stability comes about through digitizing and decentralizing fiat currency (undertaken by selected users of the MakeCents Network); a proprietary economic mechanism pegs tokens that are designed to be exchanged quickly, efficiently, and securely on a multilayer decentralized network.

The MakeCents platform consists of three main layers: validation, exchange, and commerce. We deploy the versatility of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and define a number of digital assets at each layer. These assets, using modern cryptographic methods, power different aspects in the platform and produce utility and provable security across the entire MakeCents ecosystem.

ChronoShift – An Innovative Consensus Protocol

Our unique process of utilizing Stake (MCS) results in a running set of N nodes with subset of validators V. Each validator has a chance to generate blocks while its stake is locked. If this time expires or the validator is too successful, then they are removed from the set V but remain in N. The result is that the set of V validators is constantly shifting as time progresses.

Through fine tuning the minimum amount of MCS required in addition to other parameters, the network is adaptive and elastic. During periods of high stress, this minimum requirement of MCS might be increased to reduce the number of validators; it might be relaxed when the load is less.

Technical Advantages

  • Node Scaling
  • Highly Distributed
  • Short Block times, High Block Frequency
  • High Transaction Throughput
  • No Mining/ASICS
  • Collusion resistant

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