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Delivering simplified blockchain solutions for retail and online applications.

Finally, something that makes sense.

mobile payments

Retail payments

  • Fast, secure, and cost-effective payment processing with reduced fees
  • Expedited check-out with reduced settlement time from 2-5 days to 1 day
  • Drastically reduced cash management with increased savings and rewards
  • Decreased cash fraud and mitigates risk of robbery
  • Untethered financial access without late fees, account maintenance fees, etc.

Online Payments

  • Immediate payment settlement with lower fees
  • Full transparency into party-to-party transaction history
  • Efficient and cost effective way of tracking business loyalty relationships
  • Detailed information of goods sold and delivered
  • Batched and itemized receipts
online payment


  • Charitable Giving

    • Seamlessly integrates with current point of sale to enable micro-donations
    • Lower transaction fee structure increases ability of merchants and consumers to donate to a charity of their choice
  • Loyalty Programs

    • Robust API that can integrate with any existing loyalty program and point of sale
    • A cheaper alternative to credit cards, savings can be used to build a custom loyalty program by merchants for their consumers
Seabra foods uses MakeCents to track employee lunch vouchers.
“ MakeCents is simple,
    easy-to-use and innovative. ”
“MakeCents is simple, easy-to-use, and innovative.”

-  Alberto Benedito,
    Senior Manager at Seabra Group

Seabra foods