Case Study



  • Seabra Foods Supermarket sells Portuguese, Brazilian, Latin American, and Spanish ethnic foods in 14 stores across the East coast. The grocery store chain began giving its employees a paper voucher in order to incentivize them to buy their lunch at work.
  • Unfortunately, keeping track of which employees had used vouchers proved to be logistical challenge for Seabra — costing them time and money.


  • MakeCents implemented a new voucher system at Seabra's Harrison, NJ store with 50 employees. Employees were given our e-wallet consumer app and the customer service desk received a tablet with the MakeCent merchant app.
  • The merchant app enabled customers to instantly pay through their e-wallet app, as well as collect vouchers. MakeCents also provided a dashboard for Seabra management that included a detailed database of each transaction, which provided a paper trail and prevented any double collections (or other abuses).


  • To evaluate the relative performance of the beta testnet, the MakeCents team conducted user interviews and discussions with Seabra management.
  • Overall, Seabra employees were very happy with the new systems and described it as being very easy to use.
  • Management was pleased with the streamlined voucher collection process, and particularly appreciated the dashboard and detailed transaction data MakeCents provided.