Blockchain enabled


  • MakeCents uses Hyperledger Sawtooth to power its proprietary blockchain solution
  • As with all blockchains, each block in the chain acts as a ledger containing data about the transaction and information about the previous block
  • Blockchain technology makes our payments fast, secure and simple to manage

Ease of integration

  • MakeCents provides robust, pluggable APIs to integrate with merchant point of sale systems
  • If your current PoS system is outdated, MakeCents can provide easy-to-use and install PoS tablets
  • MakeCents' scalable, microservices-based architecture is built to handle large amounts of traffic without compromising performance
Ease of integration
dashboard analytics

Dashboards and data analytics platform

  • MakeCents provides all stakeholders with a dashboard overview of transactions and analytics
  • Our reports enable companies to make improved, data-driven decisions, saving time and money